1. What is Callcoin and how do I use it

Callcoin is an interactive service which allows making international calls at a very low price using the popular messenger - Telegram, and paying in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Callcoin was created as a response to rapid price increase for calls to the European Union from abroad at the beginning of 2016. Callcoin also helps to save money on calls to Russia from all over the world. In addition, it ensures privacy of its users by accepting Bitcoin payments and allowing instant renting of phone numbers from various countries.

2. Why do I need one more service for cheap calls while there are lots of another ones?

It’s not only about low prices. In contrast to the vast majority of other services, Callcoin doesn’t use Voice over IP telephony. Calls are made via traditional telephone channels with callback. This is especially important for users who seek reliable, high-quality voice communications, which does not depend on Internet connection stability or speed. Moreover, Callcoinbot is not a common telephone application, but an interactive assistant which provides exceptional user experience.

3. How do you make the cost of calling to Russia and the EU so low?

Since Callcoin uses callback technology, the price depends on the following parameters - your number for callback, your partner’s number and CallerID numbers which appear in both calls. In order to make the prices as low as possible Callcoin uses specific phone calls regulations in different countries, calculates options and prompts the user to select the best combination.

4. Why do you suggest renting a phone number?

The reason is increased price for calls to the EU. Currently the cost of local and international calls may vary tenfold in some cases. Renting a European or Russian number allows user to greatly reduce costs applying local rates rather than international. What is more, friends and relatives living abroad will be able to save quite a lot by calling back to your number in their country of residence.

5. Why are Bitcoin and recharge codes the only topping-up options?

Cryptocurrency is the future which is already here. Bitcoin is a fast, reliable, secure and anonymous method of online payments. Anyone can purchase Bitcoin in a matter of minutes and in a variety of ways. On the other hand, Callcoin recharge codes is an internal credit transfer method. All users can instantly create, transfer or sell their recharge codes. Callcoin is eager to offer its users the latest technologies and financial solutions.

6. Where can I get Callcoin recharge codes?

Callcoin recharge codes can be purchased at shops offering digital products, as well as directly from other users. We recommend to use exchange services of our partner Paybis to buy the codes instantly with a wide variety of payment systems like a PayPal or WebMoney. You may also contact our support team @CallcoinSupport in Telegram if you wish to get contacts of the direct codes sellers.

7. Where and how do I purchase Bitcoins?

According to Callcoin, one of the largest and most convenient trading services for cryptocurrency is Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com. We recommend using their application for iPhone and Android. After simple registration it takes literally less than a minute to purchase Bitcoins using credit cards with 3D Secure, with the only fee taken for the payment processing. Also, you can read a detailed overview of other methods of Bitcoins purchase at Buy Bitcoin Worldwide: https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com.

8. Why topping-up after the payment in Bitcoins is not instant?

By the design of Bitcoin, we must get at least three payment confirmations from the service and it may take awhile. However, topping-up will be instant if you use Bitcoin wallet from our partner - BitGo: https://www.bitgo.com.

9. I have other questions. Where do I ask them?

Our support team will be glad to help you – please, contact @CallcoinSupport in Telegram.